TTPM Live Twitter Party

By | January 9, 2019

Twitter Party

Head over Wednesday at 1 PM EST for a fun twitter party hosted by TTPM. Open only to the residents of the United States, the District of Columbia, and Canada 18+ years old. Each person/household can only win 1 time in 120 days. You are responsible of keeping track of your wins.

  • @TTPM  hosts the game show every Wednesday at 1pm ET / 10am PT using the #TTPMlive  hashtag. To see what everyone is tweeting during the game, follow the hashtag on  or a service like TwitterFall , our personal favorite.

  • ALL #TTPMLIVE players must have a TTPM account to be eligible to win!

  • @TTPM  will ask seven to ten questions per show. Players can find the answers to these questions by searching TTPM, TTPM’s social media channels, or the Internet in general. The first question winner MUST be a winner who has NEVER won #TTPMLIVE before (one winner per household, so if someone from that address won before and a new Twitter person has won, but lives at that same address it does not count! This prevents from one person creating multiple accounts). IF you are the winner of question 1 and have won before, you will count as a winner and have to wait the 120 day probation period (starting Sept. 7, 2016) until you can win again. There will be a variety of questions. It will be at our discretion what types of questions we want to ask. Types of questions will be 1. Fill in the blank, where we will give you letters to a product or you must fill in the missing word(s). 2. Trivia questions, where we give a statement/clues about the product. 3. One-word clues; we will give one to two word clues. 4. Shopping List, where we give you two items and you need to find the best retailer and price, the answer is the best retailer per item and the total price if you purchased them together. 5. An image that will be tweeted can be distorted or partial of an image. If the question asks for a product name, answers must include the full name of the product as seen on TTPM. For example, if the question is “Which toy on the 2014 Most Wanted list is featured in a Disney Junior TV show?” then Doc McStuffins Get Better Talking Mobile is a correct answer, while Doc McStuffins Center is not. For all answers, correct spelling and punctuation is required, we will not penalize for capitalization. Do not add the manufacturer to the end of your answer.

    1. If it’s a theme week (as in, all the prizes are from one brand or one company), then study up on that theme! Check out the reviews we’ve done on that theme and follow @TTPM  on Twitter for any hints or clues in the days leading up to #TTPMlive .
    2. If it’s a regular week, then the answers could come from anywhere! Familiarize yourself with TTPM and see what we’ve been up to on our website. For an extra advantage, follow us on social media for hints and possible answers!
  • Players must include the #TTPMlive  hashtag in all tweets to participate. Make sure your answers include the hashtag or else it won’t be counted!

  • The first correct response by an eligible player wins. Please only play for the prizes you wish to win; we will not substitute prizes.

  • Tweets often come in at different speeds depending on the Twitter client and connections you are using. If there is any discrepancy when choosing a winner, @TTPM  uses the order that appears on  for final judgement.

  • Decisions made by @TTPM  appointed admins are final!

  • To claim their prizes, winners must direct message @TTPM  with their Twitter name, legal name and shipping address.

  • Note: some Twitter users have experienced a problem where their tweets do not appear in the hashtag stream on or elsewhere. The judges can only judge what they see, so if you noticed that your tweets are not in the #TTPMlive stream, please contact @support to resolve the issue. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to award prizes to players whose tweets are invisible to us.