WIN IT! PlayMonster Dictitious Party Games

By | March 31, 2019

Party Games

Winer announced Tuesday, April 2.

Limit one entry per person

USA 18+ years old to enter

  • It’s a hilarious game of fake words and made-up definitions that sound like, or look like, words you know, but they’re different!

  • Let’s say you get the word “Purrverse.” It sounds like the word “perverse” but its spelling adds a twist! What do you think “purrverse” could mean? Everyone could interpret the weird word differently!

  • Everyone makes up definitions for the word (be funny, dirty, serious whatever you want!), and then votes for their favorite (no voting for your own!)

  • For 4 to 12 players, ages 17+

  • It’s a different game each time you play, depending on who you play with and what mood you’re in!