It’s A Wonderful Lifetime Bingo Instant Win Game – Ends December 23


How to enter:  Each Card is unique and may be used to enter the giveaway for the corresponding movie and giveaway period. During each giveaway period, navigate the internet to the website. Click the check box signifying that you meet the eligibility requirements for this giveaway and have read and agree to these official rules. Provide email and click “Sign in with Email” button to play or use the “Login with Facebook” button and log in to play . You will automatically be taken to the card page. By clicking the “Submit” button on the card page you will be notified whether or not you are the potential winner of the prize

All entries must be submitted before  1:00:00 a.m. ET on December 23, 2019

There is only (1) winning Card for each Movie/Giveaway Period; and, the winning Card for each Movie/Giveaway Period has been randomly paired with a certain winning time during that Giveaway Period (the winning time also being randomly pre-selected.) The first person who submits an Entry (i.e., registers and plays a Card) at or after the randomly pre-selected winning time paired with the winning Card for a given Movie/Giveaway Period (as recorded by Sponsor’s computer) is the potential winner of the prize for that Movie/Giveaway Period

27 prizes: Each winner will receive (1) $100.00 Amazon gift card

Giveaway Periods

Giveaway Period (Movie) Start Date End Date
Sweet Mountain Christmas 8:00 pm ET on 10/25/19 1:00 am ET on 10/26/19
The Road Home for Christmas 8:00 pm ET on 10/26/19 1:00 am ET on 10/27/19
No Time Like Christmas 8:00 pm ET on 10/27/19 1:00 am ET on 10/28/19
Christmas Reservations 8:00 pm ET on 11/2/19 1:00 am ET on 11/3/19
Always and Forever Christmas 8:00 pm ET on 11/3/19 1:00 am ET on 11/4/19
Radio Christmas 8:00 pm ET on 11/9/19 1:00 am ET on 11/10/19
A Sweet Christmas Romance 8:00 pm ET on 11/10/19 1:00 am ET on 11/11/19
Christmas A La Mode 8:00 pm ET on 11/15/19 1:00 am ET on 11/16/19
Christmas in Louisiana 8:00 pm ET on 11/16/19 1:00 am ET on 11/17/19
Random Acts of Christmas 8:00 pm ET on 11/17/19 1:00 am ET on 11/18/19
The Magical Christmas Shoes 8:00 pm ET on 11/22/19 1:00 am ET on 11/23/19
Twinkle All the Way 8:00 pm ET on 11/23/19 1:00 am ET on 11/24/19
Christmas 9 to 5 8:00 pm ET on 11/24/19 1:00 am ET on 11/25/19
A Very Vintage Christmas 8:00 pm ET on 11/27/19 1:00 am ET on 11/28/19
A Christmas Wish 8:00 pm ET on 11/28/19 1:00 am ET on 11/29/19
Staging Christmas 8:00 pm ET on 11/29/19 1:00 am ET on 11/30/19
Merry Liddle Christmas 8:00 pm ET on 11/30/19 1:00 am ET on 12/1/19
You Light Up My Christmas 8:00 pm ET on 12/1/19 1:00 am ET on 12/2/19
A Storybook Christmas 8:00 pm ET on 12/6/19 1:00 am ET on 12/7/19
Christmas Unleashed 8:00 pm ET on 12/7/19 1:00 am ET on 12/8/19
Grounded for Christmas 8:00 pm ET on 12/8/19 1:00 am ET on 12/9/19
Christmas Stars 8:00 pm ET on 12/13/19 1:00 am ET on 12/14/19
A Christmas Winter Song 8:00 pm ET on 12/14/19 1:00 am ET on 12/15/19
Rediscovering Christmas 8:00 pm ET on 12/15/19 1:00 am ET on 12/16/19
The Christmas Temp 8:00 pm ET on 12/20/19 1:00 am ET on 12/21/19
Christmas Hotel 8:00 pm ET on 12/21/19 1:00 am ET on 12/22/19
A Date by Christmas Eve 8:00 pm ET on 12/22/19 1:00 am ET on 12/23/19
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